Recreational and Competitive classes at Take 5 Dance are taught by our incredible faculty of creative artists. Our recreational and competitive programs feature:

  • Classes in Jazz, Tap, Ballet (Russian method), Pointe, Acro, Lyrical, Contemporary, Hip Hop, Boys Only, Jumps and Turns, Technique & more
  • Classes for Boys & Girls Ages 3 & Up
  • A Spectacular Annual Year End Show at a beautiful full theatre with costumes, makeup and lights for all dancers

Whether you dance recreationally, competitively, or for career training, we offer a fun and exciting program for all students. Providing students with the opportunity to develop self-confidence, mutual respect, leadership, and discipline through the art of dance in a safe…fun…and caring environment is what we strive for. Our classes are designed for every student, beginner to advanced, and 2 years to adult. We offer a variety of classes and levels to ensure every student is challenged. Whether you are a recreational or competitive student, our recreational classes help through the process of learning, perfecting, and performing. All of our classes help develop self-confidence, discipline and skill, along with lifelong friendships.
Join us today and experience the excitement of dance.

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2021 March Movement! Program



Class Descriptions