Recreational Classes Offered:

Ballet – the classical foundation to all dance styles. Working on turnout, precision, strength, flowing routines, and posture. Every dancer with a proper ballet base is guaranteed to improve in all forms of dance.
Jazz – Based on classical and modern dance, Jazz is a suggested foundation which compliments every other dance form. Through a series of technical exercises, dancers will learn Jazz combinations, steps, turns, kicks, jumps, and dance routines.
Tap – This dance form incorporates rhythm, timing, and coordination. Dancers will learn basic, progressive, and intricate tap steps and skills. Dancers will make music with their feet by performing rthythm-based choreography and having tons of fun!
Acro – Classes work towards improving flexibility, strength, and control. Dancers will learn how to properly execute Acro tricks similar to the mat component of gymnastics. Routines are comprised of a combination of Acro tricks and Jazz/Lyrical movements; therefore we strongly recommend that dancers register for a Jazz or ballet/lyrical in oder to compliment their Acro training.
Hip Hop – high-energy dance class for males and females that is fun for dancers of all ages! Dancers will perform age appropriate choreography to trendy hip hop music. Dancers are allowed to ‘freestyle’ and add their own flare and attitude into every action packed movement. This is the ultimate in FUN!
Ballet/Lyrical – These classes combine elements of jazz, modern, ballet, and lyrical dance to create unique works of art. Characterized by its fluid and graceful movements, routines tell a ‘story’ and capture the emotion and interpretation of the music.
Musical Theatre – Musical theatre is a form of theatrical performance that combines songs, spoken dialogue, acting, and dance. The story and emotional content of a musical are communicated through the words, music, movement and technical aspects of the dance.

Ballet, jazz, tap and acro classes follow the RAD or BATD syllabus in order to help produce a huge standard of dance education. This allows all students to progress through a grading system [from Starlight (age 4) to Professional Teaching Qualification exams based on the work done in class. Exams are optional, recreational dancers are able to move up through the grades without obligation to take an exam. However, it is up to the teachers’ discretion whether or not a student is ready to be examined.

All students will participate in our spectacular year end showcase at the end of May/Early June. We also participate in the Brooklin Spring Fair, and other numerous community events.